We have found that the start and end positions of genes in some annotation data are incorrect.
The errors are occured when the IDs between the gene sequence and the CDS or Protein sequence are different.

The data sets with the errors are as follows:

・Apium graveolens
・Bathycoccus prasinos
・Camelina sativa
・Cannabis sativa
・Capsicum baccatum
・Capsicum chinense
・Chloropicon primus
・Coffea arabica
・Elaeis guineensis
・Eragrostis curvula
・Hevea brasiliensis
・Mikania micrantha
・Nymphaea colorata
・Papaver somniferum
・Prunus mume
・Punica granatum
・Sesamum indicum
・Ziziphus jujuba
We apologize for any inconvenience. We will inform you again after resolving the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation.